Bill Hynes


“There are many different kinds of teams. A few of my favorites are baseball, IndyCar, and the teams we build within our companies.

Our approach to the way we operate is unorthodox, however our success is real - and our accomplishments are extraordinary. This is by design, and anyone that interacts with our team realizes this immediately.

Our dedication to our mission is unmatched, and the fuel within our hearts to bring positive, transformative change to our communities is steadfast. When we say “Community through Development,” we mean it.

With that being said, the Think Loud Development team doesn’t need much of an introduction - just know that you are looking at the best of the best.”


Chad Taylor


“Everything begins with a dream - What you think is the most important element. Thinking well is an art that takes practice to master.”

Chad Taylor is not only co-founder and lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock band +LIVE+, but a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of global touring and executive leadership experience. His diverse portfolio exemplifies what it means to Think Loud.

Born and raised in York, PA, there is nothing more important than being able to revitalize and give back to your home town and support those who have always supported you.  

Selena Sparks

Selena Sparks

Buisness Development

Selena oversees the day to day development of new project concepts for Think Loud Development. Prior to joining TLD, Selena spent over 10 years in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. leading marketing and business development efforts for regional and national architects, designers and real estate developers. Her exposure to some of the industry’s best and brightest profoundly impacted her dedication to bringing meaningful projects and break-through ideas to life.