We see an opportunity to affect change in the way we lead development in our communities, towns and cities. Think Loud Development’s goal is to be a proponent of that change by helping to develop people, places, and companies that have a legacy mission. 

We see the caliber of talent and integrity in our small corner of the world and know that with access to tools, resources and advocacy - the potential of these individuals could soar. The concentration of art, technology, artisan food and beverage establishments alone tells us that with the right opportunities, we can help our communities thrive.

"Our dedication to our mission is unmatched, and the fuel within our hearts to bring positive, transformative change to our communities is steadfast. When we say “Community through Development,” we mean it.”   

                                                         Bill Hynes, CEO & Founder, Think Loud Development 



Our goal is to hone our operations to develop higher quality places and spaces. We want to invest in not only the projects themselves but to create mechanisms of support for the people + neighborhoods surrounding those projects.